About Bridget

She is an artist herself, and growing up she documented all of life's moments big and small. I cherish having those photo albums to look back on. This is why I can't wait to help you design your legacy today!

Meet Bridget:

Peloton class a day makes the doctor away


beautiful weddings I've photographed since 2020


cup of coffee is the perfect start to my day


Hi! I am Bridget, but you can call Bee! That's what my friends and family call me, and I consider you part of the #BCfamily. 

I am an Upstate New York native, (hopefully you are a Stewarts coffee lover too!) who loves to travel the world documenting my client's treasured moments! 

I am a PROUD Lefty, and I credit my creative genes to my mother. Raise your hand if you grew up with a Mom who did it all down to coordinating the bows in your hair. I did, and she is my my biggest inspiration!

Mean everything to me. Time spent with my loved ones are some my favorites memories.


I LOVE all animals! Growing up we had multiple pets. But my former foster (now forever) cat Willa stole my heart. Somedays I am not sure who saved who!


"Movement is Medicine!" When I am not at a session, you can find me in the gym, or on the latest Cody Rigsby ride on my Peloton. Let's ride together!


As a professional photographer, genuine moments of connection happen every session between couples, families and individuals are simply my favorite.

genuine MOMENTS

My love list:

Kayla & Brandon, Wedding 

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"She is the ultimate hype-woman and made us feel so comfortable and so at ease even though we were both terrified to be in front of the camera!"

Alyssa, College Senior Photos

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"Not only did Bridget take AMAZING photos of myself and my friends, but she made my friends and I feel so beautiful and confident throughout the whole shoot. I might be biased but our graduation photos are the BEST I’ve seen!!"

"Bridget's communication is flawless and she walked me through every step of the process- from the initial inquiry to the planning sessions, all the way to the editing process and delivering my gallery!"

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Rebecca, Brand Photography

love Halloween

Most people don't know that I:


My favorite person in the world is:

Power Outfit 

I believe every Brand Session needs an:

just married portriats

My favorite part of a wedding is:

frozen yogurt  w/rainbow sprinkles

If I could have one desert for the rest of my life it would be:

La Colombe Coffee

My go to brand of coffee is:

Pop Quiz


"Put simply, Bridget is one of a kind! It’s hard to put into words just how much Bridget cares about her clients. From the moment you connect with her, she takes you under her wing, guiding you through the entire process." 

Mary, Brand Photography