Small Business Branding Photography

For forward-thinking businesses who want to authentically and confidently tell their whole story.

As a small business owner, you know the overwhelm that comes with running your business.

You’re navigating the best way to show up on social media, trying to figure out how to stand out from already-saturated markets, and working to nail down how you want your audience to perceive you…

And now throw in needing brand photos that you actually like? Exhausting! 

Lucky for you though, when we work together, you get a photographer and a consultant. (And someone who's always cheering you on!)

With my love for storytelling as a photographer and my strategic planning from my background in marketing, I’ll dive under the hood of your business and work with you to get those gears turning, creating a strategy that keeps you on the path towards all the big dreams you have. All without any extra stress.

now hear me out —

If you want to create a brand your audience remembers, a headshot won’t cut it.

And while I’m at it, neither will that pic of you smiling bright while typing away with a coffee cup in arm’s reach. (I’m sorry — I bet it’s a really cute pic!)

Yes, they do both have their place, but brand photography goes much deeper. 

It’s about showing your clients who you really are and how you’re there to serve them. It’s an opportunity to go past the surface-level and create a consistent brand that feels both exciting and memorable.

You can still have that photo with your favorite drink in hand, but let’s make it elevated!

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"Bridget was a great decision for launching my brand new business! Working with Bridget is so much more than the session itself- you’ll truly form a personal connection that will continue past your session together!" 

Rebecca, Home Sweet Speech SLP

To learn more about the specific packages I offer, reach out via the form below, and I’ll be in touch with more information!

Full Sessions: 1200
Subscription Packages: 500

Investment begins at:

- Strategic Planning Calls
- Brand Strategy Analysis
- Location and Styling Guidance 
- Unique Value Discovery 
- Ideal Client Brainstorming 

What's Included:

As a fellow small business owner, I walk alongside you to learn about your business from the inside out. 

We’ll take a look at the goals you have for the next 6 months and create brand imagery you love that’ll help you reach each of them and prime you for even more success.

Small Business Branding Photography


"There is no better Brand Photographer than Bridget! Her images perfectly captured my business and personality, and took my content creation to the next level. I feel more confident every time I have to submit a headshot for a podcast or speaking opportunity!" 

Sara, Sara McCord Communications

After your session, I edit your gallery based on your own unique style — no matter how different our aesthetics, your photos are based on your style. You’ll then receive drag-and-drop-friendly images in full resolution and web optimized sizes that are ready for you to use!

gallery delivery


We are rarin' to go! All of our planning has led to your session and you have all the tools to feel your most confident! I’m thrilled to bring your brand story to life!

It’s Your Session Day!


The key to a successful branding session is strategic planning calls. We’ll break down every part of your session, going over everything from wardrobe and props, location, and the overall vibe. You name it, we’ll cover it!

strategic session planning


We’ll go to the drawing board and dig deep into your why, your goals, and how you serve your clients. This is done with a detailed Brand Questionnaire and Pinterest Storyboarding that helps you get to the heart of your business.

goal setting


You’ve completed the contract and retainer, and your branding session is officially in my calendar! I can’t wait to get started!

We’re Official!


We’ll hop on a call so that I can answer all of your questions and you can tell me all about your business. I want to hear it all — what’s working, what’s not, and what you’re hoping for. 

Meet the brand call


Purposeful Branding Photography Where The Photos Aren’t Even The Best Part

The Process

Brand photos are one thing, but combining them with a solid, customized strategy?
Now that’s what’s going to put those pictures to work!

Your business is READY for a strategic branding session if:

✔ You’ve been running your business for a couple years now and have a general sense of the direction you want to take it.

✔ You’re struggling with reaching your ideal client in today’s digital landscape.

✔ You know you want to show up more authentically in your business, but you’re unsure of what that looks like for you.

✔ You feel like your current pics are a little bit dated. Plus they don’t feel like you anymore and they’re not giving the whole story of what you actually do.

I'm ready!

"The session itself was everything I could have hoped for and more. Bridget not only delivered beautiful photos, but provided an uplifting, professional experience. I was extremely comfortable and felt as though a good friend was taking my photos!" 

Ashley, Branding Client

Wanna See Other Small Businesses Who’ve Decided To Trade In Their Headshots For Strategic Brand Photos?

The Portfolio

Or maybe you’d rather make the best out of your current brand photos…

If brand photography isn’t in the cards right now, I have several ways you can optimize the photos you already have so they’re still pulling their weight! 

And if you just had a brand photography session — you definitely can’t skip these steps.

Plus, it’ll take you no time at all.


SEND ME THE checklist!

It’s probably about time to invest in strategic brand imagery that expertly elevates your business…

And makes you feel proud (and not to mention excited!) to show up for your audience!

i'm ready to start!