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I’d like to introduce you to Tyler Hammett, NASM Certified Nutrition Consultant & NASM Certified Personal Trainer and the owner and creator of Nourish with Ty!

Tyler specializes in nutrition and movement coaching. He creates a customized experience for each client he works with. When a client inquires with Tyler he has a whole suite of offerings ranging from fat loss and nutrition coaching to increasing mobility and building strength.

Whatever your goal is Tyler has made it his mission to inspire you to not only reach your goals, but make it a lifestyle!

I can personally attest to Tyler’s skills as a trainer. Tyler has a way of instilling confidence in others that helps them to achieve their goals. He also does it with a megawatt smile and dance moves free of charge!

Which is just another reason why I know this business Tyler has created will inspire many more people far beyond the Capital District. Tyler’s website offers his coaching to everyone no matter where you are located, or where are you are in your fitness journey!

It was my honor to be able to take Tyler’s Brand Photos and help him empower others to achieve their goals. Make sure you check out Tyler’s website and Instagram, and be sure to say hi to his partner in crime Raj (cutest puppy below)!

Nourish Mission Statement:

“Nourish is a community for anyone looking to improve their health. It is built upon uplifting individuals through: fitness, nutrition, movement  and overall wellness. Striving to instill belief in individuals that in succession, empowers them with the ability to accomplish the goals that they once deemed unattainable. A realistic approach to nourish yourself!”


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