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This family session was so much fun to plan and watch come to life!

I’d like you to meet Karisa, Edem, Eden, Ezra and Sion. I have know Karisa and Edem for many years, as they are a close friend! When Karisa reached out it was truly an honor! I had been (crossing my fingers) and jokingly asking her cousin Melissa when she thought Karisa would be ready for a family session. To say I was excited when she called was an understatement!

Eden is their oldest son and he is one of the most stylish kids I know! During the session when he took his dad’s hat I was not surprised when he told his dad “it looks better one me!” Which you can see below, he looks like he’s 25 going on 5 and a future model for sure!

There was lots to celebrate during this family session. First, Ezra and Sion are Eden’s younger siblings and they are twins, who just turned ONE! This was their first time having photos taken and Karisa had the most creative props in honor of their special milestone. Some of which we didn’t get to use, but we will definitely use during a future session! But we were able to incorporate the crown’s they are each wearing which Karisa found off Etsy and were handmade. The detail of them was in prettier in person, but I love how the each had a 1 on the front of their crown and were each a little different.

Secondly, this family wanted to pay tribute to their families heritage and they did it in such a beautiful way. They chose this West African print that they incorporated into each of their outfits. As it hold’s special to meaning to Edem’s family heritage. The print not only added a different dimension to their photos, but it brought in another element of connection as well!

Lastly, I wanted to say a big thank you to Karisa and Edem for asking me to capture this special time in your families life, and a BIG happy birthday to Ezra and Sion, I look forward to watching you all grow up for years to come!


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