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Wondering how to plan a scroll-stopping Destination Brand Photoshoot? These are the 5 steps you need to follow when planning your Brand Photoshoot. Let me start by sharing a little about this small business owner. This is Mary of Mary Kathleen Photography. She is a photographer serving Senior Portrait Clients and Small Business Owners.

Charleston Senior Photographer Mary

During this session, Mary wanted to speak to her Senior Portrait clients. Here are the steps we took when planning her destination Brand shoot in Charleston, SC.

1. Location, location, location!

The seniors Mary works with love pastel colors, especially pink and yellow! Charleston is known for their pastel hues, classic architecture, and jaw-dropping florals. When choosing a location we narrowed it down to: Historic Rainbow Row, Tradd Street, and The Battery. Rainbow Row is the most photographed area in all of Charleston it is famous for its 13 brightly colored historic homes. Tradd Street was another location we found and it was home to the perfect pink row house Mary is standing in front of! Our alternative location was The Battery which has right on the water and at the southernmost part of the peninsula.

2. Session Time

Starting your session at the right time is critical no matter where you are! In Mary’s case, a Sunrise shoot was the best choice. Especially since we were shooting in a city, in order to avoid crows I recommend a sunrise session. This is also one of the most ideal lighting scenarios! Lighting is also something that really impacts your location choice as well. For example, The Battery was a breathtaking location, but it’s also where the sun rises making it a perfect spot for a sunset shoot, but not sunrise!

These photos were taken at sunrise, isn’t the lighting incredible!

3. Wardrobe

But what do I wear? Great question! In Mary’s case, she wanted to have a yellow dress to attract her ideal joyful, happy, and pastel-loving Seniors! So she paired a yellow dress with the pink house because the yellow would draw the eye and create a contrast against the pink house. For her second outfit, she wanted the pastel colors of Rainbow Row to be the focal point, so we opted for a white maxi dress for outfit two.

Bonus tip! When you are putting together your outfits for your shoot. I strongly suggest investing in hair and makeup. If you are in Charleston, I can’t say enough good things about Lashes and Lace! We worked with Amy and Brittany. They were a full-service team that came to us on shoot day. They were a dream team to work with!

charleston sc wedding photographer


By far The Pink Figgy is my favorite prop that has ever been added to a session! The Pink Figgy also known as Fiona is a limited edition, Nissan Figaro. This car is even more magnificent in person! Imagine having this car at your next senior session? This is a prop that Mary would love to serve her clients with, and felt so strongly that she wanted to show her clients how incredible it is for photos!

A prop can be anything that is going to help tell the story of what you do, and how you can help serve your clients.

5. Last but not least, Photographer

Choosing a Brand Photographer is key to the success of your shoot. You want to choose a photographer who:

  • A Photographer who has experience planning destination Brand shoots.
  • Whose Communication style is a good fit for you. As an example will they pose you, and tell you what to do with your hands?
  • Ask about their editing style. Will they edit in your Brands style if their style is different than yours.
  • These are just a few great questions to consider when choosing the right photography for you!

I am Bridget Caitlin and would love to be your Destination Brand Photographer


How to Plan a Destination Brand Photoshoot

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