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When it comes to capturing your brand story you will want to make sure these 6 photos are captured during your next Branding Session. These have served my clients really well as we were planning their brand session, below are a few examples from past sessions this year!


Headshots are something that I include in every branding session. In my opinion, it is a perfect way to start a session. It helps to get you warmed up, while simultaneously making sure your brand photos reflect you in the season you are in. Having your headshots updated seasonally also helps to keep your content current for the season you are in.

The examples below are from spring and winter shoots, can you tell which season is which?

Working shots

These are critical for helping your current and future clients get a feel for what it is like to work with you! This is also a great opportunity to bring a model into your branding session to really share a little BTS of what your client experience looks like. Showing your clients how you go about working with them helps them see themselves in the process of working with you before they ever reach out to you!

Creative Process

Let’s showcase your secret sauce!! Every small business owner has a different creative process. Marissa engages with her clients via Instagram stories on the current Beauty Counter offers and products she’s loving! She also really takes the time to get to know her clients and includes a personal note with every order.

Jennie is a Nutritionist who helps her clients learn to nourish their body through foods that support them and the life they want to live. Her creative process begins in the kitchen and we wanted to showcase how much fun they will have working with her, and how easy it is to build healthy habits!

Tools of your trade

Each business owner has different tools that they use in their business. It’s important to showcase them during your brand session. Some examples of tools include, a beauty consultant who wants to highlight their favorite face cream. Maybe you are a photographer who uses the latest Canon camera and sends you a welcome gift when you onboard as a new client! All of these examples are considered tools of your trade.

Vibe Check

This is all about you and your personality! If someone lands on your website what type of vibe will they get? Are you a citrus enthusiast who loves florals, or someone who can’t get enough of the outdoors and cannot resist a summer glowy sunset? Either way, let’s make sure we capture who you are outside of just your business. Your clients want to get to know you and your story!

Seasonal shot

Last but certainly not least are the seasonal shots! An example of this would be holiday photos for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, etc. This is content you will want to schedule several months prior so you can get the photos back and have your newsletter and social media content all planned out before the holidays.

Another type of seasonal shot that I enjoy capturing during branding sessions is celebratory photos. If you are in a season of celebration such as a business anniversary or business milestone. Having these photos captured during a branding session makes the celebratory feel even more special. I am a BIG believer in celebrating your small and big wins, below are a few from Linda’s first business anniversary. Champagne, cake, and confetti were all necessary for this celebration!

I hope these photos help you when you are planning shots for your next Brand Session!

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